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Specializing in Allergic Disorders and Pain Management

Acupuncture and Asian Medicine are recognized by the World Health Organization for the effective treatment of multiple conditions including pain and internal disorders. At Cypress Pavilion we specialize in the treatment of Allergic Conditions and pain management.

Allergies are a hypersensitive state in which the body's immune system over reacts to normally harmless substances and conditions. This can be due to external stimuli such as molds, pollen, grasses, seasonal changes or even a response to the body itself as in an autoimmune condition. The primary Western approach to allergy treatment utilizes steroidal and other methods to suppress the overall immune response. As a result of the suppresion, there can be detrimental side effects.

At Cypress Pavilion we view allergies as an over response associated with the respiratory and digestive systems.
Our treatments work to balance interactions of these and other body systems to provide an appropriate immune response without impacting other body functions.

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